Monday, October 20, 2008

Where did Tat's Tattoo's go!!!!!!!

When I was shooting on the SS JEREMAIH O'BRIEN recently. (see post below).
I met a gentlemen that worked there who is in his 70's and is covered head to toe  in tattoo's.
I asked him if he would sit for me for a TinType session. 
Well it was pretty crazy as we started to develop the first few plates you could not help but notice that all his tattoo's disappeared when shooting only with the Tin's.
I discovered that then plates are sensitive to blue & did pick up the blue ink on his Tat's.
He was even more shocked as he had not seen himself without tattoo's for some years.

1 comment:

Watson said...

What an unusual phenomenon and experience through photography! I bet this was shocking for both of you. Very cool that you posted both versions.

I am surprised there is no change at all in value where the tattoo should be. Stunning.